So, I’m building a new website, what do YOU want to see on it?

So what features would you like to see on my new website? see what the current one is like, and what you would change!

currently I’m adding a better shop, you can search by category, and I can put things in multiple categories, so a pair of earrings with my cored beads on can be in the cored beads section, and the earrings section, and if you wanted a particular colour, you’d be able to type in ‘yellow’ and all the yellow items would come up! sounds so simple and like, er, how it should be really! another one of the features is that you can click for more photos of the item you’re thinking of purchasing, without having to go through my current fudge of having a separate gallery with other views of the items in it. (I’ve always hated this about my current site, but the software didnt give me the option!)

because of this, I’ll be able to have less galleries! I’ve thought for a while there are too many.
It’ll make the menu look tidier too.

There will be more interactive elements to my web presence, the blog here and a new facebook fan page for example, there will also be a flickr page with all the photos on, so you can browse through by tags instead of just whats in the gallery.

At the moment I’m mostly working on layout, features and things like that rather than actual content, some of which will be used from my old website, but streamlined, and updated.

this will include the ‘about’ type information, which I will most likely put in a long page, but with anchors, and ‘back to top’ links, so you can click on a subject and be taken to it (you may have seen this on FAQ type pages on other sites)

at the moment I’m stuck for a guest-book, or testimonials type thing that works well. I’d like people to be able to comment, even if they haven’t actually bought something (though obviously, I’d prefer if they did!).

what would people want? do they want to see testimonials pop up telling you how great I am? or does that sort of thing annoy you?

personally, if its a company I’m dealing with that’s new, I might like to see something that tells me they’re good (or not), a bit like an ebay seller’s ratings. of course you know that when its on their own website they’re not exactly going to publish any of their complaints are they?! so what then, is the point in them if you’re only going to publish the good ones…I’ll have to think about this, maybe its a feature I can do without.

Your thoughts would be appreciated on this please, I’d like to get this right!

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