Feeling rather sad about “flock” today…

I got my copy of the GBUK (glass beadmakers UK) journal today. It has my pictures that I submitted a couple of months ago of my Degree Showpiece “Flock”. I’m even on the back cover YAY! I say I, I mean My Model, that’s not me!

It got me thinking however that I havn’t got any pictures of it anywhere except my website thats due to come down soon.so I uploaded some to flickr.

Its got me thinking though…I started making this in Plymouth, I took it to Dawlish to finish it off, It went back to Plymouth, It went from the workshop to my house in Plymouth, to the park for photographing, back to the workshop, to the gallery space, it went in a box in a van to London for new designers, it came back to Plymouth, it went to another show in the college that was on at the same time as graduation, so all the parents etc can see the best of the degree stuff, then it went to Princetown for a best of degree show there, each time, IN and OUT of its box, and on a plinth where people could TOUCH it, Then it came home to Dawlish, then Plymouth requested it again for a ‘making futures’ conference and exhibition.
And they dropped a piece of wood on it.
The end of “flock”.

oh, and they lost the box I made specially for it, wrote my name all over in big fat black pen and what it was, and this box had room for LOTS of packaging and was about 2 feet by 2 feet by 1 foot.

They seemed to think I could fix it. The only way I could fix it is to make more pieces, take it ALL apart, take off broken pieces and replace with new ones, and put it all back together again. I might add that the entire thing took at least 6 weeks of full days, some evenings as well, to do in the first place, that all the pieces are unique, that it took me a week to assemble it all, and that it would never be the same again due to the pieces in it all being unique etc. the way they sit into eachother, all carefully graduated size and colour. oh and that each individual bead and piece was lined with rubber which is a fiddly job that nearly made me go crazy the first time…

Its now lurking sadly in a box thats too small for it, waiting for a day when I can bring myself to fix it, and have the time. and they didn’t even bother to pick up the broken bits and put them in the box either, not that it would have helped cause it had holes in the bottom.

cast aside like a toy they don’t want to play with anymore.

The way people treat things in this throwaway society…

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