A wonderful material for photographing jewellery items on, except for one tiny, almost invisible thing…static.

I have just spent twice as long editing photos as I should have because I had to clone out all the dust specks!

That super duper macro mode just picks up Everything!

The black gives fantastic reflections, and the white when you get them is equally fab, but oh how I could do without static!

Lime Green Silver Cored Beads
Lime Green Silver Cored Beads
Olive Fascinator
Olive Green Zip Rose Fascinator, Copyright Madeline Bunyan

The Black perspex is a purpose bought (pretty expensive) riser for photography, the white is a piece of A4 3mm thick very ordinary white perspex I got for about £3. I’m keeping the protective sheet on the 2nd side for when I’ve ruined the current side, you don’t get that option with the expensive riser! one scratch and you’ve had it.

alcohol wipes help, but only for so long, I’m looking into framers supplies for an antistatic brush, but so far £35 is the cheapest I’ve found, just as well I saved on the perspex eh?!


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