suggestive search with pictures

A new feature I’m adding to my website, I think its going to be pretty useful, when I’ve got it working! I’m in contact with the developer of this modification (who is very helpful and clever!) , we will figure out what I’ve done wrong! Its probably a bracket in the wrong place or something silly! The suggestive part works, but the pictures aren’t showing…

I’m also in contact with another developer type who’s helping me change my shipping from a drop down to radio buttons. this looks like its going to be a fairly complicated one, so don’t hold your breath! what it will mean is that you can see all the shipping options at a glance and choose the one that’s right for you, instead of accidentally clicking collect for free, when you live nowhere nearby, or paying the wrong postage price for your needs.

Oh, and I added google map and streetview links to my list of real world shops so you can find them easily!I’m adding pictures of the galleries too!

overall I’m really pleased with my site, there’s just a couple of little things I wanted to improve, and then I’ll stop fiddling with it…I Promise! except for adding new products of course!

If you’re interested in the more ‘geeky’ side of my site building, go to the forums: official and unofficial


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