New sculptural beads…

when I saw some of Sharon Peter’s gargoyles and dragons in ivory at the Flame off,  It made me think back to a bead I made before I really started doing sculptural, shortly after making this bead I bought Teresa Laliberte’s tutorial and my glass sculpting hasn’t looked back really! well now, it is time to look back, I want to make the bead I originally intended this one to be

so, the old one (2008 I think)

Moon Bead Pendant 2008
Moon Bead Pendant 2008

I remember thinking, I’ll make it small so I don’t waste lots of glass, and I simply must keep it warmer than that or it’ll break, and I didn’t really have much of a plan, so it was sort of doomed from the start,I lost most of the detail I managed to get in and It just wasn’t what I’d imagined, but anyway,there it is.
and my new one:

Sculpted Ivory Moon Bead
Sculpted Ivory Moon Bead
Sculpted Ivory Moon Bead
has a bit of a creepy Expression!

Sculpted Ivory Moon Bead
the other side...

I made it big! so there’s lots of room for details! I made the base bead out of scummy clear that, lets face it, we’ve all got a pile of, then covered it in ivory and added all the detail. I had a plan! even a drawing!
so here it is, its not perfect, or symmetrical, but it is the first one after all!

Don’t know about everyone else, but I found Sharon’s demos very refreshing and confidence giving, doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work out how you planned, it’ll just be something else, if it cracks, goes wonky or anything, you can fix it by changing the design.Its taken me a long time to have the confidence to revisit this idea, it was something I so badly wanted to work and when it didn’t, well, I just put it away for a long time.

This is something else I played with at the same time (well not the SAME time, I mean the same torch session!)

Ivory sculpted Face
Ivory sculpted Face Bead
Ivory sculpted Face
and again
Ivory sculpted Face
one more cause I was really pleased with his nose!


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