Win a bead!

whilst I’ve been building up stock for new galleries, theres been a few beads that didnt quite make the cut, tiny little flaws like a very slight split on the silver rivet, or a tiny rough spot where it touched something else in the kiln (so tiny I didnt even notice til after I’d cored it, how annoying!) I couldn’t decide whether to sell them at a slight discount, keep them for myself or what, so I thought, I’ll give them away!

so over the next few weeks I’ll be having a sign up box at the Vivian Gallery in Dawlish, and I’ll post pictures of the beads on my Facebook page.

all you’ll have to do to win one is post a comment or click ‘like’ on the facebook page

here’s the first one:

Pink and Blue Flowers
Pink and Blue Flowers

find out more about this bead here

don’t forget to follow this blog, or  join my mailing list to be the first to hear about these free prize draws!

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