Blue Roses and Armadillos

there’s a logic, honest!

firstly I’ll do the Armadillos, because it leads onto blue roses.

I bought a lampwork Tutorial to make a thing called an armadillo bead.

its an effect rather than a sculptural armadillo, because of the way the layers inside the bead are built up.

this is the tutorial by Anouk.

so, this is my first Armadillo bead made using the tutorial, and me being me, I didnt make it exactly like in the pictures, I made the base of the armadillo bead the same, but the decoration I did differently. in the ‘recipe’ it says, a pink flower murrini, or any murrini you like, so, before I made my bead, I pulled a huge blue rose cane, why blue? well I’ve been using this blue alot lately, it goes with lots of things,  and well a red or pink rose is just ordinary isn’t it?

anyway, my bead…

Armadillo Bead
Armadillo Bead

you can sort of see the armadillo effect, but as its Clio, its a difficult one to photograph.

Armadillo Bead
Armadillo Bead
Armadillo Bead
Armadillo Bead

and of course I had to make another bead featuring my new rose cane, and the colour of the month on frit happens is cobalt blue, and the theme is flowers, so heres my entry for both:

Blue Rose Bead
Blue Rose Bead

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