website updates…a few additions

Just added express checkout to my site, so no need to register any more. I’m working on some other useful stuff too

Basically express checkout means you don’t need to set a password and then have to remember it

and if you choose to register at a later date you’ll be able to see any previous orders, but only if you register with the same email address.

if you choose express checkout I’ll still require your postal address so I can send you your items!

however, as a registered customer, you won’t have to fill in all your address details again, you can review past orders on the site too.
you also get the easy tick box option at registration to sign up to my mailing list to enter the Free Prize Draw, and get updates & exclusive special offers.

you can be an unregistered customer, and still be on the mailing list though, you’ll need to fill in the form here

what else am I doing? well, I’m dividing up my product information page into tabs, so the page itself looks cleaner, and information will be in handy tabs with titles such as ‘postage’ ‘matching items”size guide’ and any other relevant stuff for that particular product.

this means you wont have to navigate away from a particular item you were looking at to find information about shipping and suchlike, items that require particular cleaning or care will have that info right there as well.

I’ll also be able to make shipping recommendation on a per item basis, for example on a necklace that is £125 I’d suggest that you choose the special delivery option at the checkout.

and you won’t have to trawl through all this information to get to the buy button if you’ve already made your decision!

well at least I will be adding this when they send me a new encryption key, the original one didn’t work! bah! oh well, its installed, and it’ll start working as and when I get the reply

Its taken me as long as those two complicated mods to create and setup my new rotating banner images. so now when you refresh the page or click somewhere else on my site, a different image will appear in the header. thrilling.

updated homepage picture and text…

Now where’s my encryption key!?!


sorted! with a few tweaks to the css, I now have tabbed descriptions running on my site! yay! still need to put things in them though! had to add at least 1 tab per item or the description didn’t show

and changing the colour of them is going to be fun, they’re a series of images, not html colours, so it’ll take a little more to make them match my site better, but the slightly blue shade will do for now!

so, what does the tabbed descriptions mean for you? well, there will be more information available about my products on thier own page, eg materials will have its own tab, returns policy I might well stick in a tab, then you dont have to go searching around my about pages to find out what you need to know before buying. yay!

quick checkout next…this actually removes some of the stages in the checkout, so you don’t have to ‘continue’ and select quanity and continue and confirm.

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