New Bead Tool

I’ve been waiting for this tool for what feels to impatient child in me like ages, but its brilliant, and worth the wait.

These are some of the beads I’ve been making with it, the one on the right was one of the first ones, then the purple one on the left, then the oval, then the yellow tear-drop.  I’m really pleased to be able to get lots of different shapes out of the one tool.

Bead Pendants
Bead Pendants

but my favourite bit is the end profile of the beads, slim at the edges, and smooth, not a tablet shape with straight sides like you get with flat mashers. To get the different shapes is simple, like with using flat mashers you start with different shapes, a bicone, cylinder or cone, any variation on proportion, then squish squish! I also then used the plates at various angles to get the final shape how I wanted.

Bead Pendants
Bead Pendants
Bead Pendants and New Tool
Bead Pendants and New Tool

In fact, I like this tool so much, I’ve ordered the one they make in the other shape, a lentil! another impatient wait while that comes to me from California! its perhaps not the most gorgeously finished tool like another I saw recently, but its very well made and the smooth action of it is great. I love it.  Its a good size….not so big it takes up all my desk space, and not so small it buries itself under all my other tools (like my pesky glass rake…can never find that little beasty when I want it!) the thing about it not being highly polished is that it doesn’t matter all that much, because the metal leaves chill marks on the glass that you have to flame polish out anyway, that said, I am tempted to polish the masher faces on it, just because I can!

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