I want it and I dont care who knows it!

this camera that is…
Canon Rebel XS Digital SLR

the nice folks over at artfire are giving one away! so I’ll be taking all the chances available to get my sticky paws on it! (well, I might wipe them first!)

anyway, why are they giving away a camera? well they are celebrating their exit from beta, and theres a group deal for those members who go Pro (that is, a paid for account rather than a free one), so if, 20,000 sign up they can all have their membership rate locked at $5.95 a month as opposed to the $12 or $15 it is normally. they say they have 3000 already, good start eh?

so, checkout my artfire page now, then check back in a week or so when perhaps I’ll have gone Pro and uploaded new items and things…

and if you make stuff…don’t forget to check out artfire as a place to sell your wares! nows as good a time as any says me!

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