Two-Faced Clio

Clio. A colour shifting, striking, reducing, silver rich glass by Double Helix Glassworks USA.
So far its a bit of a love hate relationship for me and this glass.

I’m now onto my third batch of Clio.


the first batch of rods I got are lilac.

the second are a straw brown.

the latest batch I have got are somewhere in between, mostly lilac, but warm, with a hint of brown.


I struggled and fought through the first batch, made so many disappointing beads, and only found one thing that it would do reliably, and that only on smaller beads. I had heard of other people getting other results and thought I’d try a second batch.

I will point out that the following are not a fair test, they were not made at the same time, or with the same colour bases, though they are most likely all encased with the same clear (reichenbach 104)

but they have all been made recently.

first we have old (lilac) clio

old clio
old clio

these are some of my better beads with old Clio, its generally more dull than the others, a pale yellow amber glass with lilac blue shimmer, a combination I don’t like. its very difficult to strike the base colour to the cherry ambers that are mentioned by other people.

then new (brown) Clio

new clio
new clio

this ones much richer, strikes more easily (practically by itself), has a beautiful lavender shine and a warm amber pink undertone.

then new new (lilac brown) clio

new new clio
new new clio

I was disappointed to learn that the batch of Clio my supplier had in was lilac, but I ordered a single rod, just to see, to my surprise and delight, it was lilac…but, it had a brown tone to it, and lo and behold, it behaves much more like the brown batch, possibly even better, so I’m a happy bunny and have ordered more


this next pic shows 3 of the beads, one from each batch, over a base of teal, turquoise and cobalt, or a mixture of these.

clio on blues
clio on blues

you can see that in many ways, they are fairly similar, but I still don’t like that first batch for this type of bead!

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