Welcome back Mojo, My old friend!

I have just been well and truly assaulted by a huge lump of mojo!

It started with Bev’s bead, (something I bought recently, couldn’t stop myself, had a bit ‘had to have it’ moment) which I love, can’t put my finger on what I love about it exactly,other than everything, but this evening I started to play with some similar ideas. too similar, just looks like a poor imitation, doesn’t work on so many levels.

but it made me get the enamels out.

I was thinking recently about organic beads. now I love organic beads, but I never ever wear them, why? because they’re always brown and beige and tan and grey and….you get the idea.

so why do ‘organics’ have to be this way? nature isn’t dull, its vibrant and colourful and varied and sparkling and…well I guess you get that idea too

so, bright organics.

I was also having trouble with some other ideas I was trying to make, the colours I wanted to use all ended up being the ones that form striations, which aren’t so good for clean crisp dotty beads.

so after a few not so great beads and some serendipity falling on me from the sky, I came up with something.

playing for a while with layering and melting in some, leaving some raised, mixing layers, mixing colours, wooo!

I’m having good feelings about these.

I love the EDP and how it devitrifies in places, gives it that matt ‘organic’ look, yet its pink.not just a little bit pink either

aha my kinda colour!

I think the other thing that I’m loving about these is the balance of random with control. freedom, with skill.

my midnight shores beads have this to some extent, but these new ones are just a little bit more laid back, with just some fine detailing at the end, like, yes I can chuck some pretties at a bead in a random fashion, but actually, hey, Im good at this and its not just a fluke.

I think for me that this type of  balance of random and control is the whole essence of why I love glass.

you can shape it and control it and mould it,but sometimes, it will just do what it bloody well likes anyway and there’s not alot you can do to stop it, and anyway, fighting it is wrong, the glass is telling you something, telling you what it wants to be.

I’ve been reading Terry Pratchett lately, and I just feel like I’ve been hit by a whole pile of inspiration particles at exactly the right time, when my brain was receptive to them and my hands were ready to act and turn it into a glassy reality.

so, what else do I love about these new organics?

cause they’re ‘organic’ you can throw heaps of stuff at them, enamels, goldstone, Silvered ivory, edp, dots waves layers swirls, oh and lots of colours.

that’s actually my heaven. chucking in all your favourite things, and not ending up with mud.

its so me. it couldn’t be more me if you stuck me on a mandrel and called me a bead.

I cant wait to get these out of the kiln tomorrow.

its like Christmas.

how it should be every time you open the kiln. but I’ve been missing out on that lately.

cant wait to see my beads! love this feeling! its only topped by the one you get when you open the kiln and go, oh wow…that’s even better than I expected and I made that! (fingers crossed I get that too eh?)

oh man I’m not gonna be able to sleep now!


I’m beginning to think of them a little like Jazz. a little bit of lots of stuff, in all kinds of orders that aren’t typical, some unexpected bits, some high bits, improvisation, and the  skill to pull it all together and make it work.

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