New Organics, some improvements?

so heres saturday nights batch.

I took out the silvered ivory stringer as I felt it was making them muddy.

also changed a number of small things, putting the rubino and other coloured dots over a lighter dot.

any thoughts?

5 thoughts on “New Organics, some improvements?

  1. Oh, I like where these are going. I was wondering what they’d be like with opalinos as bases to add some translucency behind the enamel.

    I really like the side with the minty green dots on Yellow Brick Road.

    1. Thanks Heather.

      hmmm.. I dont have any opalinos as such, maybe the odd rod or two. got some CIM kryptonite and marshmallow, things like that.
      I will try some of those!

      1. probably yes!
        hmmm…got some crocus! though it always freaks my eyes out, cant get over the fact its green when its hot!
        think there may have been one or two opalino type things in my first starter pack thingy, years ago. who knows where they’ve gone now though!

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