leaps and bounds

well, I got home from the flame-off on Saturday night, with inspiration and ideas all swirling about in my head, slept on it, and Sunday was play day! new glass, new tools, murrini, frit and I was in a mood to make twisties like I made at the benches on Saturday, that the people I passed them around to really loved, and think that I should sell, so I’ve made a few, and there’ll be more!

after a nice warm up of little bunnies,  twisties,  round beads in my new colours, and a Kaz bead with her murrini on, I decided to play with something big, adventurous and new.

I was building on the things I learned on Thursday, with Marshall Hyde, and also, this bead, which is me in so many ways, colour, shape, wackyness!

Textured Bead - Turquoise, Green, Yellow

so, this, is where I took it…

Dragon – close up on the snout, really pleased with the shape there. but you still cant see it properly, I’ll have to take another pic sometime!
Dragon – his better side I think
Dragon – back of his head

theres a whole heap of tiny little things wrong with it, but its massive leaps and bounds ahead of what I was making just on Thursday, this is totally the direction I was hoping to take it.

to say I’m chuffed is a bit of an understatement! he took forever, gave me several scary moments when things pinged off, and my hand was somewhat cramped when I’d finished, but it was worth it!

I’m not sure about the colour the turquoise has gone, I’m tempted to leave it on his head, but take it off the antlers and snout.
hes not exactly symmetrical, a couple of dots aren’t quite where I meant to put them, and of course he hangs the wrong way up, if I make another I’ll add some great big cheek ‘fins’ so that he hangs better.

I made this on the Minor top of my Midrange plus, I think I might try it either with two oxycons, or go back to the bobcat (possibly with two oxycons as well) because the flame was slightly reducing, I was using it quite big and fluffy at times, just to keep him warm, I did at one point try switching to the midrange, but on one oxy it didn’t make much difference, and I’m not used to the switching on quickly (the gas & oxy taps are the opposite way around to the bobcat!) it wasn’t worth the delay of changing.

6 thoughts on “leaps and bounds

  1. Hi Madeline,
    That is a brilliant bead! You are every bit the sculptor you wanted to be (and that I thought you already were.) I hope you’ll keep posting your work so we can all enjoy watching your talent grow.
    And I am still getting a thrill from those marvelous leaping bunny beads you made.
    Stay in touch!

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