My Dragons…

ok, so, more about the Marshall Hyde Class. as soon as I saw the class, that it was being taught by him, and what was involved, I knew I had to do it. I’ve loved sculpting in glass, since Teresa Laliberte’s Goddess tutorial, that was a real turning point for me, it really helped to make sense of what I was doing with the glass, how I was heating it, applying it, and it really helped alot of my work, not just goddesses. also Mary Lockwood’s birds tutorial, although I don’t often make birds, so many of those techniques crossed over into elements of my other beads.

He asked us to bring images of things we’d like to make, I chose Chinese Dragons, I’ve always liked them, but its only recently I’ve really looked into the mythology and things, its quite fascinating, I was particularly attracted by the way that the dragons are made up of features from other animals, claws of an eagle, soles of a tiger, ears of a cow, head of a horse (or sometimes camel) stags antlers, scales of a carp, and of course, body of a snake.

we started off by drawing, as it makes you think about what you’re actually going to do, where the mandrel goes, how you’re going to build up glass in this place or that place. it doesn’t have to be a good drawing, just to show you what you’re doing. it also tells you things about proportion, whether this element should be bigger, or smaller than another.

he showed us various tips and tricks throughout the day, making his wonderful Hare (that later sold in the charity auction for lots of money, so well done on that one!) ways of using heat and gravity to sculpt, and applying enamels to show up details, create effects such as fur.

I tried out some small experiments first, to see how I’d go about making an eye or an ear for example.

some odd little tests
some odd little tests - just to see how I would do an ear, an eye, scales etc.

I then worked on some small heads, taking out some of the detail and sticky outy bits,

next experiments
next experiments - particularly like the foot!, and I got the order wrong on the big one, couldnt get in to give him eyes!
next experiments
next experiments - another view

then I realised I was being timid, and that this was silly, lets just go for it! make a crazy one, a stupid impractical, will probably break but who cares its just glass right? kind of bead.

Dragons - the last ones

I also tried out some different orientations, places where the mandrel went etc.

dragon - like the curve of his snout
dragon - like the mouth on this one, but hes a little too 'friendly' looking, I was going for more fierce!
surprised dragon
dragon - not so much fierce as surprised! didnt like this one so much, though I was pleased with the size.
dragon - sadly lost an antler, but I don't mind.
dragon - another view

so, none of them are finished, none of them are what I want to make in the end, but they all tell me something about how I’ll go about achieving it.


thanks Marshall, I had a great time!

3 thoughts on “My Dragons…

  1. Hi Madeline,
    You are so kind! I couldn’t have hoped to meet a more talented artist in the class; you are poised to make remarkable glass. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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