Elbow Rests

This is pretty much what it looks like, its my diy version of a creation station, only no wrist rests.

bobcat workstation
bobcat workstation
elbow rest
elbow rest

The creation station on my midrange plus is lovely, but I can’t really justify two, and the way I have my bobcat set up (you’ll notice its higher than standard) it wouldn’t be interchangeable easily or quickly, so we came up with this.

I have since changed the bolts for shorter ones so they don’t dig me in the knee.

I was going to do my own design that mounted under the desk, but someone put a drawer in the way, so I thought it would be best to go with this idea!

The beanbags are recycled suede filled with some kind of lentilly bean type thing, can’t remember.

3 thoughts on “Elbow Rests

  1. Ahhh, that looks great. (thanks for pointing this post out in the forums)
    FiL was going to make me one but he didn’t ‘get’ it from the creation station pics, this should help 🙂

  2. well I hope it helps you/him. my version is very simple, I’d still like to come up with an idea for the wrist rest section, but it’ll wait. its good to see these pics again, I’m working at that desk today…you can’t even see it! so much glass, so many twisties and just piles of stuff! the way I like it! even the wooden part there is covered in pots of murrini and frit and stuff, and the odd bead that I ‘must do again’!

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