Beadswap! big holed beads!

so, I got my beads back today! I even won a prize for most creative use of frit!

guess what it was? frit! of course! donated by the lovely Kaz of cheeky cherub designs

so, heres what I sent:

Beadswap beads
Beadswap beads - the ones I sent
Beadswap beads
Beadswap beads again
BHB flowers
BHB flowers
BHB flowers
BHB flowers

these last two pics are of the same bead! you can see it has four flowers in each layer, but theyre made in multicolour dark, and the camera didnt like it!

and these are what I got back:

beadswap beads - what I got back
beadswap beads - what I got back

clockwise form the turquoise swirly one at the top:

Anna shiny snail, little green ridged fritty, Shirl (label was loose but this was the only one that didn’t have a tag) lovely black grey and white bubbly from Helen (helbels), purple fritty from Sue (blue box studio), silvered Ivory and blue Striped from Dean, orange stripey from turnedlight, huge wine bottle flower bead from Helen peters (magpie), little pink fritty from Helen at silverleaf design, yummy pink and purple fritty from Alison G, funky big fish from amareargentum, big pretty dotty from shahlaa, fritty barrel from sally (polly put the kettle on), little purple and orange fritty from kerra (koom)


thankyou everyone, but especially Shahlaa for organising and Kaz for donating the fritty prize I won!

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