my 100th post…Dots, more dots, straight stringer, fits of giggles, deranged fireworks and Colins.

well, what better than the results of my recent class with with Lorna Prime of Pixiewillow designs, at MangoBeads in Barnstaple.

a fabulous weekend! a great laugh and learning lots too, and also being surrounded by both Manda and Lorna’s Fabulous beads, and Davids fantastic glass work.

fine stringer work and smooth designs havn’t been my strong point, and who better to help me improve my skills?

that and since I saw Mandas beautiful studio when it opened I’ve wanted to take a class there! here are Manda’s pics on flickr of the weekend

Beads I made at a class with Lorna Prime
Beads I made at a class with Lorna Prime, first day on the top row, right to left, 2nd day bottom row, left to right ('deranged firework' beads in the top row!)

so now I need to practice the skills I’ve learnt, and also work on how to make my beads not look like lorna’s!

A start, I’ve improved on the butterfly design I’ve been working on for ages, but not shown yet ’cause it wasn’t quite right, these are getting there. also a couple of other beads in more Lorna-esque designs, to match the colours of a top I bought recently.

flower and butterfly lentils
flower and butterfly lentils

and then the next days practicing, the orange ones are to match a different top, (well you’ve got to keep your practice beads, might as well wear them, so might as well make them to go with something you wear right?!)

more flower and butterfly lentils
more flower and butterfly lentils

and a close up of the lime green one, cause the camera didn’t like to see it with its friends

lime butterfly bead
lime butterfly bead

oh, and colins…well its more than just a fizzy jelly sweet, its an m&s fizzy jelly sweet!

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