Acid Yellow

The colour of the month for August is Acid Yellow.

I love acid yellow! however, I have made a small discovery.

In my glassy stash I have two batches of acid yellow. one looks normal, the other is mixed, with some of the rods looking paler.

I thought nothing of it, glass in the orange red yellow spectrum often looks different in the rod to when its melted…but this is not one of them, those rods that look paler, ARE paler.

and I rather like it!

acid yellow comparison
lighter yellow lower part of the pic
acid yellow comparison
acid yellow comparison - the ring top Im holding is the 'normal' acid yellow
huge lentil
huge lentil
huge lentil - other side
huge lentil - other side

while we’re here, this is the latest in my line of beads where I’m trying to use tecniques from the course with Lorna Prime, but trying to do designs that are my own, and not Lorna’s! hope you like it!

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