Been Busy…

I’ve been quiet for a while now,

A couple of things have been keeping me rather busy! firstly I went to spend a day absorbing some of the Genius of Lucio Bubbacco at Di East’s wonderful studio (more on that in another post soon, and pics of what I made on my flickr)

The other thing is several things rolled into one, I’ve been asked to supply jewellery to three new galleries! yes three! oh and all of them want it at the same time! not only that but requests for top ups and Christmas stock (Oh no, did I just use the c word? aaaaarghhh!!!) are beginning to filter in from my existing galleries (ever wondered if my work is available near you? check out my stockist list here)

so, amidst being distracted trying to clutch frantically at any skills I might have fleetingly got hold of whilst watching Lucio, practicing away at some very odd figures, oh but two years of life drawing are paying off! proportion is a lesser worry on the figures…well mostly, theres still an element of the glass doing what it wants!

I have been making ALOT of jewellery. As an absolute minimum I said to myself 6 pairs of earrings, 3 pendants, 3 necklets and 3 bracelets per gallery, some of them are also wanting silver cored beads, of which 25 is the minimum I like to send.

For once I have actually taken proper photos of the jewellery, and they’re not bad! and further to this I’ve actually edited them. and uploaded them! well some of them, I felt as if I was going to be stuck to my chair if I edited anymore and left it at a mere 64! added to the ones I did a little while ago, thats 104! the rest of the pictures are on my flickr, but heres a few highlights:

oh, and I’ve also created a new ring top design, morphed from two other designs I’ve been doing, the daisy style (see buttons) and the polka dot rose beads

Rose Ring Tops
Rose Ring Tops

Thats all for now, keep an eye on my flickr for more photos, and here I’ll be announcing where the new galleries are when they have my stock!

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