foxy ring tops

It feels almost as though I’ve hardly left the studio in the last few weeks, I’ve made loads of jewellery, but its all gone already, out to the galleries.

I have had a teensy bit of time to play with new ideas, I thought it was about time I attempted another animal design, something thats not a rabbit!  I saw a fox the other day, he turned and looked at me as if to say ‘what are you doing here? its midnight.’ so I guess foxes were kind of in my head after that.

I find a ring top an ideal thing to experiment on, because its finished, its not a bead asking to be made into something, or waiting for friends to make it a set, it just is.

so, fox ring tops, I’m not showing the first two experiments, because, well they’re a bit pants, and I’m not entirely sure where I’ve put them, so heres the second prototypes

foxy ring top 1
foxy ring top 1


foxy ring top 2
foxy ring top 2

I rather like his wonky ear, it looks like hes listening out for something!

and just for fun, whilst I was looking for some fox images it struck me that the firefox logo was rather a nice fox, and then that he was conveniently wrapped around a circular base shape, so I had to didn’t I?

firefox face
firefox face

I used an opaque turquoise shard on the base, so as not to add to much bulk and to get the right quality of planet-y ocean-y feel to it. the colour was a blended stringer with various oranges in, think I mixed it a little too much though.

I think I’d like to stylize this a little more my way, somewhere between my fox and firefox, to just suggest firefox, but with my own stamp on it, and also not to come into any aggro with copyright type issues, that wouldnt be any fun would it?

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