The New Year Tidy up begins…

Is it 2012 already?

must be time to get the studio in order, and get started on those things I said I’d do this year (oh how uncomfortable to say that)

these things are…

making some tutorials. for this I need photos, and for those I need a blank background, not a pile of rods, frit, stringers, tools, bits of leaf and other junk. I’m not kidding when I say I actually could not see my desk. it was covered in a thick layer of glass!

on a similar vein I’d like to produce some more videos this year, I made some last year, but they were for showing how I make my glass work to people at craft fairs, and I never edited them down to fit on youtube. this year I’d like to do that.

I’d also like to do some teaching. I have a guinea pig in mind, for the first student in my new studio, although I’ve taught before, its never been in my own space. still have a couple more things to put in place before offering tuition, but it will be happening!

every year I say, this year I will be more organised…well I manage on some levels and completely fail on others, but sometimes a system you think will work well, just doesn’t, or the items in the system outgrow it for whatever reason. usually its some form of glass storage, and as we lampworker types all know, glass breeds and fills any space you give it!

I’d like to be more efficient at making, and more productive, its all very well having manic periods of super-productivity induced by looming deadlines, but it tends to end with creativity disappearing altogether for a week or so, and then I don’t even want to go into the studio, and when I do find a little time and creativity, I go out there and the place is a complete tip, glass, beads, silver findings, bits of cable and thread, pliers etc, just all over the place. very bad, I’m not making a habit of it. ok?!

speaking of which, thats kinda where I am right now, no creativity, no looming deadlines, and the studio was a tip!

I keep thinking, ooh I could go and melt some glass…but thats just it, I wouldn’t know what to do with it once I’d melted it. no beady ideas, no creative juices flowing right now. haven’t made a bead since christmas eve!

however, I have spent today cleaning and tidying the studio (not done yet, but both torch benches are clear and clean) so that when the creativity comes back I can run out there and not fall over all of the mess of non stop making at the end of last year.

I have managed to find a bit of bench I havn’t seen in months, quite a number of now empty pots and jars from condensing my stringer and twisty pots, space in my drawer from organising my frits yesterday, a bunch of escapee murrini pieces, oh and a spider. I evicted  him to the cold and wet outdoors, does that make me mean?

I’ve also divided up my part used rods into shorts and longer than shorts, so I can actually get at the shorts when I want to!

yesterday I got the wire baskets I bought months ago attached to the walls, and fillered some holes that have been staring at me for nearly a year, now if I could only find the paint to cover them…

tomorrow I am to reclaim my sink, and tackle the jewellery assembly area. then if that doesnt take me all day, the bookshelves that never got properly moved into, just dumped stuff on, will be organised. I want to make a Sharon Peters style creativity resource book
and I have a whole magazine holder full of sketches, printouts and doodles, all just begging to be organised into such an item!

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