My New Favourite Beads

well, its no real secret that I’ve loved Amy Kuczewski’s beads since I first saw them,

but now I own some!

oh, and they were sent by rocket or something, I ordered them late Saturday PM and they arrived first thing the following Saturday…from the States! I was impressed!

and it wasnt much longer before I’d made them into a necklace for myself,

Bollywoods Necklace
Bollywoods Necklace

but thats not all…

its actually a 2 part necklace, the front beady part detaches and can be worn as a bracelet

bollywoods bracelet
bollywoods bracelet

heres another shot of it, because, how often do you get a sunburst?

bollywoods bracelet - sunburst
bollywoods bracelet - sunburst

In the latest issue of Soda lime times, an e-magazine for lampworkers, there was a tutorial for making Amy’s Raja Heart,

so of course I had to have a go!

Raja Heart
Raja Heart

this is actually my second attempt, I made the first too small to get all the stringer work on, and oh its alot of teeny tiny bits of stringer! mine is so much more clumpy, and not teeny! Amy, you are clearly a genius…I bow down to your teeny tiny stringer skills ! (skills with the teeny tiny-ness, not skills that are teeny tiny…obviously?!)

here is her etsy shop for anyone who wants to buy or simply drool over more of Amy’s beads

enjoy all the fantastic juicy colours!

3 thoughts on “My New Favourite Beads

  1. Oh, that is so bright and cheerful, I love it! I like the necklace / bracelet design too, very versatile.

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