handfuls of beads

For the last few beadmaking sessions the bead shaper from Pegasus that I designed has barely been out of my hand! and my kiln stuffed full of mandrels! I love it!

This shaper is just brilliant to use, and all the more satisfying because I had a hand in designing it.
(for the lampworkers out there, heres the link to buy one šŸ˜‰ you know you want to!)

so heres a few handfuls of beads, first up, animal print designs:
(yes, a charm box nugget did sneak in there too!)

animal prints
animal prints

and some brightly coloured ones, because, why not?

bright animal prints
bright animal prints

and a whole bunch of spotty dotties!

spotty dotties
spotty dotties

a selection of these will be coming with me to a little craft stall I will be having at the Handmade Arcade at McCoy’s Arcade in Exeter on the 7th July

come along and say hi!


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