Sculptural Face bead Mark 1

I’ve had this idea in my head for a week or two, but not allowed myself the time to play

I made some drawings, which I won’t be showing! they are…well, not as good as the wonky creature I’m about to show you!
I wanted to create a bead with the feeling of those beautiful carved statues (or weeping angels if you’re a doctor who fan…and its possible my first attempt is a little more like them than I planned! maybe I should just try and make one of those and then it won’t matter if she looks a bit scary!)

so here she is, from one of her better angles

face bead - side
face bead – side

shes not much of a looker, and you haven’t got the full face on shot here, of course, typical me, I didn’t make the bead to be face on, I made her head turned to the side slightly. er, awkward!

face bead - back
face bead – back

the hair has real potential to look the way I planned, not there yet though…and it took loads of stringer…next time I’ll make more than I think I’ll need, and then some more!

face bead
face bead

I’m sure I’ll make lots of improvements when I allow myself time for the next one, but for now, I’m quite pleased

even if face on she looks like this…

scary lady face on
scary lady face on

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