Hello poor neglected blog…

Well its been a busy few months, I’ve been going to craft fairs, creating new designs, and rebuilding my website.
also I made big batches of stock for Galleries in Bristol and Canada.

So, first, the craft fairs, Handmade Arcade at McCoy’s Arcade Fore Street Exeter, its a little craft fair full of local & handmade products, its on the first Saturday of every month and I’ll be there, selling my beads and jewellery. In December, it will be on EVERY Saturday!

I also took my work to Unique Boutique, at Exeter Phoenix, here’s my stall,

My Stall at Unique Boutique
My Stall at Unique Boutique

So why not get off the high street, and find yourself something unique at the next Handmade Arcade on the 6th October?
Theres also live music and all the McCoy’s Arcade shops including The Real McCoy, Bunyip Beads, No Guts No Glory, Good Golly Miss Molly and more will be open as usual.

check out the Handmade Arcade Blog for details of other fab stall holders, they also have a facebook page

New Designs?

well, theres my little bird earrings for starters,

Little Brown Bird Earrings
Little Brown Bird Earrings

I make them in lots of colours, and I also do a few specific birds, such as Cardinals, Magpies and Ravens. Check out my etsy or my website to buy them, or if you just want to peruse beautiful images, try my flickr.

speaking of my website , its had a complete rebuild,

I’ve kept it fairly clean and simple, theres still a shop, but at the moment it has mainly made to order items, my one off items are in my etsy shop.
I also have a news and events page over there, which works like a blog, so be sure to check that out for news on where to find me

oh, there were some other new designs too,

Sunset Cherry Blossom Focal
Sunset Cherry Blossom Focal

This is my new cherry blossom design, its also available in blue, but each one is quite different.

Other new things? yes, theres more!


A new system of interchangeable jewellery, this one is great fun, small glass cabochons are mounted onto nickel free brass snap fasteners, then you have a bracelet with the other half of the snap mounted to it, and you swap and change to your hearts content! I think the poppers deserve their own blog post, look out for that soon!
Also when you buy one of my poppers, I supply the back half, which can be stitched on to anything you like! I have some attached to my flip flops (though sadly the weather for flip flop wearing is fast disappearing!)

so, I couldn’t be content with making just pretty round cabochons for my poppers…it had to be

a bunny!
a bunny!

I also made my raised flower design, both with a polka dotty background, and just as one flower taking up the whole space

Polka dotty flower
Polka dotty flower

and because I am just an awkward individual, I have very skinny wrists, and I felt that some of the bracelets available at the time were too chunky for me, I designed my own!
(though since that Manda has brought out her Mango Pops Bracelet which is gorgeous! you can usually find them in her etsy shop)

Heres my leather cuff design, which accepts a single popper, and is available in lots of sizes and colours

Leather Cuff
Leather Cuff

and finally, theres that big pile of new jewellery stock for galleries, photos of the Canada stock can be found on my facebook and if you are in Canada, and you’d like to visit The Glasshouse Gallery and Restaurant, or just their facebook page, that can be found here.

well, I think thats it for now, except to say that lots of my new stock, beads jewellery and poppers, is headed for my etsy shop over the next week or so, so keep checking in! (or be kept up to date on my facebook page, where I post new listing links!)


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