Shiny New Products at Handmade Arcade!

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been a little quiet of late, three of the reasons are that I’ve been revamping my glass storage in my studio (thats a whole other post! coming soon!) I’ve been preparing for handmade Arcade, and finally, I’ve been working on some exciting new products!

So, firstly, Handmade Arcade, Yay! its back! the only regular independent art and craft makers market in Exeter!

For some great shots of all the action, including live bands go to the handmade arcade blog and don’t forget to check out their facebook page too

Here is my little piece of the action:

Handmade Arcade Stall
Handmade Arcade Stall

what you can also see in the corner there is some of Heather from Little Owl Crafts delicious handspun yarn! That orange one was calling me all day! its still in her etsy shop looking rather lonely since she sold so many of its friends on Saturday!

and what else can you see?
thats right, my newest latest thing that I am excited about!

Foxes in boxes…Hares in Squares!

These are so much fun! I have had the designs for the beads in my head an indeed in my notebook since before Christmas, but no time to let myself play, finally I caved in and got some prototypes in my kiln

Hare Prototype
Hare Prototype

I was so pleased with it that more soon followed:

Bronze Hare
Bronze Hare

now, as you can probably tell, this bead isn’t really designed for wearing, so, having gathered supplies, I made this:

Hare in a Square
Hare in a Square

and since I’d also been playing with the fox beads:

Fox in a box, with socks!
Fox in a box, with socks!

Scuptural beads, removably mounted in little box frames, ready to hang on your wall, or they stand like this.
I have more, but I’ll show those later, keep an eye on my facebook page for more!

hope you like them!

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