Autumn Design Challenge Blog Hop Goodies!

Apologies for lack of blogging, for once its not my fault!

Somehow I got blocked out of everything wordpress, on every computer and device on our internet connection.
(thats only a few million websites then!)
its been a while, and today it just sort of…worked. weird. anyway, I’m back! hello!

Right, down to business!

I’ve signed up for a blog hop! I’m excited, I’ve never done one before, but I like beads, and I like a challenge and supporting fellow artisans, so this is perfect!
its the autumn design challenge from Lesley Watt – TheaJewellery and Caroline at Blueberri beads, Thank you for letting me play!

For those who don’t know how this works,  Lesley and Caroline have supplied me (and a group of others) with a little selection of their handmade beady goodies, and we will make them into jewellery, and post the results on our respective blogs on the reveal date. it will be fantastic to see what different things everybody makes, using similar components! be sure to come back and see!

so, without any further waffle, heres my goodies!

Bead Goodies
Bead Goodies

Bronze heart connector and pendant from Lesley, whose etsy shop is here incase you want to get your hands on some of these lovelies! (she also has another shop with jewellery featuring them if you’re not a maker yourself, or even if you are…I’m very tempted by some of these myself!) and fantastic ceramic beads and pendant from Caroline of Blueberri beads, whose shop is here, check out her little birds! I love them!

I’m so pleased I got purple! I love Purple!

and I’ve already set about finding some beads from my stash that complement them!
this photo was taken later, and shows the colours better. of course I may not use any of these with them, you’ll just have to wait and see!

Bead Goodies and extras!
Bead Goodies and extras!

The reveal date is the 2nd of October , you’ll be able see the finished pieces from me, and from the other participants, but don’t forget to check in to see what else I’m up to, and in the meantime, check out their blogs too!

Gay Messander –
Made By Jules –
The Moon & Seven Stars –
Heidi Post –
Janet Bocciardi –
Alice –
Dolores Raml –
Lucy Haslam –
Pine Ridge treasures –
Shirley Moore –
Tracy Collins –
Elizabeth Beads –
Mags –
Pepita –
Jo-Ann –
Toltec Jewels –
Judith Johnston –
Janine Lucas –
Chic and frog –

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