40 Bead Challenge – just over half way!

A little while ago I posted on my facebook page that I would be joining in with Heather Trimlett’s ongoing 40 bead challenge

Basically the idea is you choose two glass colours, and using only dots, and no tools except heat and gravity, make 40 different beads, in roughly the same size. they should be made over a period of time, a few at a time, not all in one day.
stacked dots and overlapping dots and different sizes of dots give lots of pattern possibilities.
Getting to know how glass really behaves and improving your precision are some of the aims here.

ok, so heres my first four…theres an immediate problem here…spotted it yet?

beads no.1 - 4
beads no.1 – 4

Yes, that stray dark turquoise dot on the third bead… oops! should have tidied my desk a bit more!

Otherwise I’m pretty happy with these, I’m thinking I picked ok colours, maybe could have done with a little more contrast, but they’ll do.


beads no. 5 - 8
beads no. 5 – 8

Oh dear. Not so pleased with these, too many dots on that first one, too close together in size has resulted in the colours not showing well at all. I was trying to do the square dot pattern because oddly its something I’ve never really done in my years of beadmaking, and I still haven’t, they’re far from square! and my turquoise is going all silvery yuck. Where’s that evil chemical stuff?

nevermind, onwards and upwards:

beads no. 9 - 13
beads no. 9 – 13

or not, heres the next ones,  still not brilliant, I tried the square dot pattern with one layer of dots including ‘blind’ or self coloured dots. still not square! less silvery yuck here though. I’d like to point out that I’ve managed to pick the two shockiest batches of these colours I’ve ever had. distracting to say the least!

Things got a little better after that:

Beads no. 14 - 19
Beads no. 14 – 19

Well, I went back to a basic one for the first one of these, as I had about a weeks break between the last few and this, then onto more complex patterns, getting better with those tiny weeny dots

and then:

Beads no. 20 - 22
Beads no. 20 – 22

Well then it started not going so well again, hense only 3 in this session. I do prefer my flowers with poked centres!

Heres the whole lot together:

beads 1-22
beads 1-22

Size consistency is…not consistent! Though they are all within the size limits of 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch. And on the second half they are more even.

So, I’ll make another few today I think. no idea what patterns yet though!

You can follow other peoples progress on Frit-Happens, Lampwork Etc and see peoples finished strands on Heathers Pinterest Board

Are you a lampworker? are you taking on Heather’s Challenge? I’d love to hear how its going for you!


6 thoughts on “40 Bead Challenge – just over half way!

  1. I made 5 so far, and they aren’t great! I’ve only been beading for maybe 2 years, and I’m self taught, so up until the class I finally had I really wasn’t doing well. I’m doing Green and Orange. One of the beads looks kind of muddy though. Hopefully they get better as I progress (:

      1. effetre light turquoise, or light sky, I can never remember what exactly its called. I’m not in love with my current batch, it greys up very easily, even the rods have a slight grey metallic hint 😦

    1. I think its a very worthwhile challenge, I would have liked to have tried it 2 years in, (when I’d only had one proper lesson) and again now, and compare!
      you will definitley get better as you go along!
      depending on which green you’ve gone for, I’d expect a little mud unfortunately, its so easy to overcook it and have it swallow your other colours in a messy fashion. otherwise, I’m liking the sound of orange and green! I love a bit of orange!

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