40 Bead Challenge…finished!

Phew! I made it!

it did get a bit tricky towards the end there, I was struggling to find new patterns

so, heres the penultimate batch :

Beads no. 29 - 35
Beads no. 29 – 35

I was interested to know how the fishscale design worked the opposite colours, so although a design repeat it is quite different. the one to the right of that has crescent moons and little ‘stars’ but its turned around, naughty bead! I then got stuck in to working with teeny little dots, very close together.

and the last ones…

Beads no. 36 - 40
Beads no. 36 – 40

oops! I did it again! The first one there you can’t actually see very well, but some of the dots are celadon instead of turquoise! but in the spririt of the challenege, I’m leaving my mistake in.

so then there were more of the little dots close together, need a lot more practice with these, they are tricksy! I like the sort of pebble shapes they push each other into.

and now you’ll be wanting to see the final finished strand…so here it is:

finished strand, all 40!
finished strand, all 40!

so there you have it… a journey of dots.
I do recommend that beadmakers of all levels give this one a go, and maybe do it again in a year or so’s time, just to see how you’ve improved.
its re-awakned some older design ideas I had, that now I feel ready to re-work, and maybe this time they will see the light of day instead of hiding in a box! more about that soon!

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