The girl who waited…

Well more of a woman really, well goddess
Sorry, couldn’t resist, my inner geek fell out a little bit there (I even read that in David Tennants Doctor voice,  whoops!)
she’s back in now.

Er, so I think I lost my point a little there, let me give you a little background (for a lot of background see my other post design spirals)

I love customers. Customers are fantastic, and not just because they buy things which allows me to continue doing what I love.

Customers ask me to make things, the things they want, I love making people what they want! sometimes I haven’t even made something quite like it yet

but heres the best bit…
I was often meaning to.

So far this year (and lets face it were not that far in, are we?) I have had a customer ask me for something I already had in my notebook, as a little ‘sometime when I have a bit of time to play and experiment’ sort of thing, perhaps a little naughtily (probably should have been doing something else!) that very day I had already popped experiment one into my kiln, expecting experiment two to be much later

Something else I had in my notebook as a little doodle reminder to myself, was a graduated set of my ‘water garden’ beads in round, a shape I’d yet to make in that recipe, what does this lovely customer want? rounds! yay!

Water Garden Focal
Water Garden Focal

I’ve been asked for a fox, which was already on my make for flame off list, so he’s just queue jumped a little!

and then there was the absolute corker, ‘Do you make goddess beads like the hearts you have  in your shop?’

here are the hearts:

No not yet but I would totally LOVE to do that! and I did, and I loved it not just because it turned out rather well…(pics in a minute, don’t wander off!) because I’ve been meaning to make goddess beads again for so long, I’m sure I’ve not made one in well over a year, just so many other things  on!

I think I wasn’t quite sure of what type of goddess to make, so she was a little further down on my ‘make when you have some time to play’ list  (its sounds as if I rarely give myself time to just ‘play’ with ideas and not just make beads for orders or galleries or my own stock, I totally do! I just have so many ideas to try out I never get time to do them all!)

So the first heart bead that popped into my head from my shop was the water garden one

Which had actually sold so the customer probably hadn’t seen it

Too late! I’ve seen this lady in my minds eye now and she wants to come out! I had to make her anyway, shes been waiting more than a year, or is it that she was just deciding which clothes to wear?

So here she is

Water Garden Goddess
Water Garden Goddess

I asked exactly which heart my customer most wanted her goddess to be like, and she told me a whole load of yummy colours, and linked to a specific heart of mine,

well that turned out really well too

Rainbow Garden Goddess
Rainbow Garden Goddess

And I liked it so much I also made a little one!
(not great pictures I’m afraid, it is February afterall! it keeps raining)

Well all three of these are sold now (Thankyou lovely customers!), but following a rather embarrasingly good response on a certain facebook group, I can tell you I will be making more! (well I was going to anyway, I loved making these so much!)

I do think that the timing of this couldn’t have been more perfect, I seriously doubt I would have had the confidence to do this a year ago…but since I now know I can make a silver glass owl…I can make a silver glass chicken, I have improved my heart shaping technique drastically in the last few months, and all of these things meant that I could just sit down at my torch, and make these ladies. There was no, ‘ooh I’d better make a test bead first’, no ‘what if this’ or ‘what if that’,  I just let her out!

My first three goddesses in over a year…I don’t think I’ve lost my touch eh? infact I think they’ve improved for the waiting…

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