Mini Flower Stud Earrings

I seem to be a lampworker of extremes.
It’s either huge big focal beads…or teeny tiny frogs and bunnies

and now, these

Tiny 3D flower Studs
Tiny 3D flower Studs

They measure a total of 11.5mm across and the front section is only 4.5mm thick, so they are not heavy like some glass earrings. in fact, they weigh just 1.3 grams!  The metal is all sterling silver.

I also made some as dangly earrings

Tiny Flower Dangles
Tiny Flower Dangles

For those of you interested in jewellery, they are available to buy on my website, and on Etsy.
If you can’t see the colour you want, the listing on my website is for made to order in any colour, so just drop me a message with which colour you’d like!

If you’ve never bought anything on Etsy, and you’re in the UK, you can get £5 off your first purchase, click here to claim your offer!

For those of you interested in making your own tiny lampworked cabochons…read on!

These are made on the newest size of cab mandrel from MangoBeads.
You can buy them on their website, or Etsy shop and while you’re there, they have some other great tools and tutorials too, not to mention beads…such lovely beads!

These are so small, they don’t have the usual central peg which helps keep your cab in place whilst making it.

No problem!

The trick is to keep the back of the cabochon warm. This means you need to heat the mandrel. thats it. it really is that simple. keep it warm throughout making, and it shouldn’t fall off…unless you’re really rough with it!

and before you ask, I’m using fusion bead release, air dried.

Speaking of which…I think its time for me to go and dip some more! I love using these teeny tiny cab mandrels!

What will you make on your tiny cab mandrels?

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