Creative Sprint Day 4 & 5

Day 4
contents of my pockets or bag…

well I don’t use pockets much, so that leaves my bag. technically I had a bag of threads and things in there to make tassles with, but that didn’t seem very imaginative since I already planned to do it, and I didn’t have the rest of the things I need to complete the earrings, it would just be a tassle.
so that leaves (unusually for me!) my make-up bag.

Make-up Birds
Make-up Birds

Since birds and feathers are my theme, I started by smudging shapes of foundation onto my page, I also added some lip balm but that doesn’t really show, the mascara just caused mess (when doesn’t it? ) and the eyeliner lost its point extremely quickly. The lipstick bird on the bottom left I scratched into with tweezers, but it doesn’t show up that well.

Day 5

Recently I got my hands on some porcelain, and I’ve had various ideas for things flying around in my head, but no idea which to start with.

With the theme containers, the thought came to me that I could try one of the candle holder ideas I’d had. except none of them were very ‘birdy’ so I came up with a new one!

I wanted to make a raven feather,  Art Jewelry Elements blog’s theme is Raven, and I’ve made ravens and raven feathers in glass before.

This sentence from Raven Steals the Light, Legends of the First Peoples of the Pacific Northwest  appealed to me,
‘Raven stole the sun from the Sky Chief and gave it to all the people, though his snow-white feathers were burned black by the heat of the sun’

The candle, the smoke, and maybe some matte black glaze or oxides when its fired I think would work very well.
however, it dried out too quickly and cracked, so I guess I’ll be re-making it!

Feather Candle Holder
Feather Candle Holder

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