Creative Sprint days 8 – 10

Day 8
recreate or interpret a work of art you admire

it often comes back to the great wave.
promarkers on watercolour paper. I left out Fuji and the boat, because to me its always only about the wave.

The Wave
The Wave

Day 9
break something, and make something new with the parts

This necklace…its just weird. but I kind of liked some of the parts, so I always meant to take it apart, just never got around to it, (oh and it has feathers on it, so it fits with my theme nicely, which the above doesn’t, but we don’t need to talk about that!)

Strange Necklace
Strange Necklace

The bright gold plated with the antique gold plated at the front just looked very odd to me, and that nasty plastic pearl and tacky peace charm have to go

Pile of Parts
Pile of Parts

and heres the finished necklace, I only added a few jumprings, callottes and clasp, all the beads, chain and feather components were from the original.

Necklace 2
Necklace 2

I might make something with the rest of the bits at some point, and I’m not especially keen on using plated metals at all, but sometimes it works. I do like those bronzey black shades together, and the blue gives the whole thing a lift.

Day 10
make something inspired by your favourite childhood game

When I was a kid, we had real games, it wasn’t all computers and things that go on inside a screen. screens were pretty rubbish then anyhow. (and batteries, and single games at a time because you actually had to load a games cartridge into it! Oh, and a complete and total lack of internet…)

I remember several games with marbles, bagatelle, mousetrap, hungry hungry hippos (though maybe that was plastic balls?)
Speaking of, have you seen the human version? (if not, go to youtube!) it involves skateboards and washing up bowls/laundry baskets and probably a fair few bruises, but it looks like fun!

So anyway, I decided to make a marble. The best ones were always the ones with swirls of coloured glass inside, but instead of recreating one of those, I’ve taken it a step further and tried to recreate a swirl of feathers.

Feather Marble
Feather Marble



2 thoughts on “Creative Sprint days 8 – 10

  1. Hi Madeline,
    Just catching up on past posts and absolutely loving the marble – how gorgeous! I have quite a collection of marbles but this is wonderfully different – well done 🙂

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