Creative Sprint Days 12 – 14

Day 12
choose an activity you normally do today, and do it backwards

Ok, so I can’t un-melt glass, and un-make a bead…but I can reverse my hands.

As a very specific handed lampworker, that is, I have my tools & glass in my right hand and my mandrel in my left . I know several other lampworkers who switch hands for tasks such as marvering (that is rolling a hot bead across a flat surface to flatten or otherwise shape it), I don’t. The mandrel always stays in my left hand.

so first, a simple bead made my normal way round, but I have increased the video speed:

(a very quick and badly edited video, the programme keeps crashing!)

and then switching hands:

this goes lots slower because of the extra thinking involved, and the unfamiliar angles.

the blue one is my left-handed bead, the turquoise my right -handed one.

left and right beads
left and right beads

Day 13
Use the front page of  a newspaper or magazine as your materials or inspiration today

I always wanted to try this image transfer thing, again, never got round to it, well, todays the day!

Cover Image
Cover Image

The actual cover of this one didn’t work, but helpfully they’d printed a mini version on one of the pages inside


I think I’d like to work back into these at some point, but I haven’t decided how yet.

Day 14
Walk for 5 minutes with no specific destination in mind, make something with or inspired whats available where you end up.

I ended up at a park, and these are some of the things I found there:

Autumn colours
Autumn colours
and a berry
and a berry

I had hoped to make a drawing or some other collage type piece featuring these, I particularly liked the feather and the red berry. I need more time for that. so for now, you just get some arranged items.

(yes, I missed 11,  which was ‘spill something and make something with, or inspired by the mess’ , well, tough. I’m not perfect, so much so I spill enough stuff not on purpose and generally just get cross with myself, it does not put me in a creative mood.)


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