Creative Sprint day 17 to 20

Day 17

Teach us how to do something

One for the lampworkers today. I was really rather pleased with my simple solution to videoing myself whilst lampworking, clearly my hands are busy, and I don’t always have an assistant handy, and it isn’t the easiest thing to film as I move around a lot and the camera struggles to keep continual focus. Theres also the further problem of soda flare, (thats the big yellow flare you get when you introduce soda-lime glass into the flame, it makes it very difficult to see, I’m wearing special safety specs with a filter for my eyes, but that doesn’t help the camera)

So this is not so much teach, as show…one didymium screen, one smart phone, three rubber bands. result: nice steady shot, plus no yellow soda flare, added bonus of my smartphone being protected from any flying bits of glass.

I’m well aware that not all of you have a didymium sreen as they are quite pricey, but I like to think this is a way to squeeze some extra value from mine!

set up
set up
wide shot
wide shot


Day 18
Make something and trade it for something you want.

I made some porcelain Hare beads, I’ve arranged a little swap with a friend  for some of her ceramic beads. These will not be finished for a little while as they need firing.

porcelain hares
porcelain hares
porcelain hares
porcelain hares

Day 19
Make something for another #CreativeSprint-er.

I’ve not really been interacting much with the facebook group, so theres no one person I would make something for, I decided, I would make something for everyone, this little video of the sea

Day 20
Find a creative way to give someone a compliment.
Today is a beautiful Autumn afternoon…so I went for a walk

A message for you
A message for you
A message for you
A message for you – from higher up

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