So I’m not always good at finishing things

but I’ve decided (eventually) to give myself a break.

or at least stop giving myself such a hard time over something that was meant to be fun.

I may come back and finish my creative sprint posts, some of them are done, just not posted/photographed/whatever

it really didn’t fit with what was going on at the time for me, not least being ill for over two weeks. thats all my winter colds rolled into one, thanks.

I have learned some things from it though.

‘if somethings worth doing, its worth doing well’
I hadn’t realised just how much I identify with this sentiment.

I tried to do something more than basic with most of my challenges, as well as tie it to my theme, and preferably something that would actually be worthwhile, the earrings were one of my better executions of this, and they sold, so clearly they were worth doing.

but essentially I ended up asking too much of myself and I found it draining, rather than invigorating and refreshing. I found it too much of a drain on my time, its not like I wasn’t being creative on the days I didn’t do a challenge, but I tried to fit everything in and it just wouldn’t.

and then the challenges started getting less creative…’make a moustache and get a photo of you wearing it in public’ ?  really?

so thankyou, CreativeSprint, what I did was fun, but I’m refusing to let myself feel bad (any longer) for not making it to the finish line.


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